The goal of our Elite soccer program is to develop players who can perform and excel at the Performance Level, the formidable years prior to Performance Level are dedicated to developing the technical skill level, understanding, and love of the game that will ensure NJ Elite soccer players can adapt to any soccer environment and coaching style.


We accomplish this by structuring the developmental needs, ability, and understanding of age-specific targets for our players to achieve.


These targets are consistent with the Development Plans used by many professional clubs throughout the World.


The NJ Elite soccer program is very transparent in the targets it sets for the players and these targets are clearly indicated prior to the start of the season. By means of different evaluations, moments throughout the season players and parents are kept up to date on the development curve. By using these targets, players can objectively be evaluated and parents will know exactly where their child stands.


The targets are set by the Director of Coaching [DOC] in conjunction with the Head Coach of the NJ Elite team; the day to day curriculum will instruct the players in various and challenging ways to achieve these targets.

Developing the entire athlete, with year round training and league play, professional coaches focused on team development, technical, tactical, and psychological player development.

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